Compare files

Access file data by comparaison

Once you have a file added on the blockchain, you can compare its saved data to a file. The comparison will assure that the provided file is matching with the saved file using the specified accuracy level. Since blockchain will host your file data hashes, we compare the provided file hashes to blockchain saved hashes. Using the same accuracy level, we hash the provided file and re-construct hashes order of the one from the blockchain to evaluate similarity and provide differences. In order to match the saved file, the same file needs to be provided.

Let's take a look at how it works directly from the platform.

Keeper Compare

When you compare from there, it will be with the latest version. You need to provide a file you want to compare with the blockchain approved file, but why? Because the data is cryptographic secured and unknown to the blockchain, this will ensure even without knowing your data, we can ensure it will be the same, slightly different or not the same. This mechanism will make sure your data cannot be acquired by others and its an exclusive Mantle feature backed by blockchain infrastructure.

Adding a file will need a level of precision to handle how our mechanism will improve the cryptographic link. Each level as his own level of protection will be represented differently on the blockchain.