The [Mantle Console] ( is a User Interface for S3 data storage, which uses buckets to store the Mantle SDS maps.

When a file is uploaded through the Mantle Console, the file is sent to the Mantle SDS to be sharded ah distributed through the several S3 servers.

When a file downloaded from the Mantle Console, the Mantle SDS asks the shards from the S3 servers to reconstruct the file. A cryptographic comparison of the reconstructed file and file uploaded is made to ensure fidelity. Then the file is sent from the SDS to the Mantle Console and downloaded.


File Shards

With the help of Reed-Solom algorithm and some parity bit uploaded in the shards, Mantle SDS can reconstruct a file with only 3/4 of the shards from the servers.


BucketsBuckets that store Mantle SDS maps
UserAcces Key and Private Key for logging into Mantle Console
Service AccountsAcces Key and Private Key for logging into Mantle Console (generally made for programatic task)
PolicyUsed to add granularity to user rights, flexible s3 compatible policy.
GroupsUsed to create groups of users/service-accounts with the same policy.
MonitoringReal time access to servers status as well as data relative to storage capacity
NotificationsAllow administrators to send notifications to supported external services on certain object or bucket events.

The user interface offers a comprehensive way to view and interact with buckets, as well as the other features in the table above.