Mantle Web App

The Mantle Web App App is a convenient way for a Mantle Client to manage its account.

Let's take a look at several feature of the Mantle Web App


RolesUsed to add granularity to users.
API keyUsed authentication through API request
UserAuht0 logging for accessing platform, can have a single API key linked to a User
Service AccountUsed for programatic task, can have several APi keys linked to a service account.
BillingEvery Mantle client has a Bill with a certains amount credit in bank, these credits are used when posting data through the Mantle Gateway.
GatewayMantle's way to interact with immutable records.


These are the Roles that a user AND service accounts can be attributed. These roles can be modified by any admin. Service accounts also have roles

AdminManage the products' settings of the Mantle platform
WriteWrite-only right to the user, can only post data
ReadRead-Only right to the user, can only get pointer information

API keys

To access Mantle API, an API key must be provided for all request by adding the following header: [ x-api-key: API_KEY ]

In order to access your API key, take a look inside the Settings section.

To generate them, you must have the Admin role and navigate inside the Settings section, then API Keys sub-section. You will have the list of all users with generated API keys, a menu to revoke them and a creation button.

Here is an example of an API request made with the x-api-key headers made to the Mantle API.

Service Accounts

Service accounts are similar to IAM policy framework, with the roles they are accounts made by Admin to have granularity for API keys. Several API keys can be created for a single Service Account.


Service Account API key

Since a single service account can have as many API key as it needs, we recommend creating an API key for every services. Thus making it easier to manage access to the Mantle API.


The way that Mantle tracks its clients usage is with a credit bank. These credits are spend only when data is posted through the Mantle Gateway. The Mantle Web App offers a comprehensive way to monitor it current and past Bills.