The Mantle Gateway uses the [Blockchain Data Transfer Protocol] ( as a way of interacting with blockchains. The BDTP uses network address as pointers.

Mantle Gateway wraps the pointers in Receipts.

What is the Blockchain Data Transfer Protocol

The BDTP is a way to use blockchain to store data. The network addresses are used a memory pointers and the transactions of a specific address contain the data that is "saved" at this pointer.

The format of these pointers is [chain-prefix][address], example:

  • WAV is the chain prefix for the Waves network
  • 3N6MFoFQCTpdquU75j2JKFEkA1KiG4e9LbP is the address

WAV3N6MFoFQCTpdquU75j2JKFEkA1KiG4e9LbP is pointer containing data. To see data referenced by this pointer just click on a transaction and look at the "attachement" field.

Mantle Gateway Receipts

Every time the Mantle Gateway is used to post data on a network, a Receipt is made.

Receipt example:


** queryParams are used to give context to the Receipts.