New to Mantle?

New to the platform

By opening the link you've received in the mantle access email, you will begin the sign-up procedure. Once done, your user will be added into the blockchain, this can take up to a minute. When you gain access, have a look at the product documentation. Accessing the platform by using a Mantle invitation assures you to have admin access.

Basic concepts

Here are some concepts that will help you facilitate your Mantle integration.

Mantle provide different products:
Tracker Tracking has never been so accurate.
Keeper Keep everything in the safest safe in the world.
Sealer Most secure way to sign a document.

Multiple access on the same product type can be provided and are dissociated between them by having for each product, their own ids. When a request is needed on a product, a product id must be provided within its route.

User roles
On user invitation or edition, roles can be selected and making the correct choice is important. Here is a small description of these roles:





  • Manage the products' settings of the Mantle platform

User admin

  • Manage the general settings of the Mantle platform
  • Manage users
  • Manage invites
  • Manage API keys for users


  • Access to the billing page


  • Not set yet




Tracker admin

  • Manage all the transactions of the product
  • Create, edit or issue assets
  • List and transfer your own assets

Tracker user

  • List and transfer your own assets




Keeper admin

  • Manage folders
  • Manage files
  • Manage versions




Sealer admin

  • Manage contracts' templates
  • Manage all the contracts of the product
  • Manage your own contracts
  • Manage your own signatures

Sealer user

  • Manage your own contracts
  • Manage your own signatures

Note: roles are a matter of changes in a short term period

Invite and manage other members

In the settings section, you will be able to manage users by inviting, disable and enable them. Once connected on the platform, you should be able to see the Settings section.


Inside the Invites sub-section, you can invite a user by email and assign its roles. Users are listed and status is associated, Accepted status is only displayed when the user has successfully signed up to the platform. Inside the Users sub-section, a list of all users on your platform is displayed. From there, you can edit usernames and roles or even delete/disable/enable them.

API keys

To access Mantle API, an API key must be provided for all request by adding the following header: [ x-api-key: API_KEY ]

In order to access your API key, take a look inside the Settings section.

To generate them, you must have the user admin role and navigate inside the Settings section, then API Keys sub-section. You will have the list of all users with generated API keys, a menu to revoke them and a creation button.

Note: API key generation with a non-existing user is coming in a very short term period

General settings

In this section, you will find customization for your platform. For now, only the custom logo is enabled but multiple features are coming such as custom invitation emails and many more.