Assure the integrity of your critical data with a blockchain-powered solution.

With Mantle Keeper, enterprises certify the integrity of data, systems, or devices instantly, securely, without any false positives, or exposing data to leaks.

Use cases

  • Background Checks: A system that uses zero-knowledge proof to validate if someone claims are authentic.
  • IoT Firmware Signature: A system that ensures that an IoT device firmware is authentic.
  • File Digital Authority: A system that ensures file authenticity (backup, research report, etc.) to avoid operating with tampered data or for compliance.


You can find detailed use cases on Mantle Keeper in our Insights section.

Additional use cases are added on a weekly basis.


Keeper's goals are to protect by using blockchain technology your key files and to track files versioning. Whenever you add a file, its fingerprints will be stored on the blockchain across the network. Depending on the accuracy level provided, the file will be separated into a number of chunks to be stored on the blockchain. We do the same thing with a new version of a file. Whenever we compare a file to the file on the blockchain, we compare their fingerprints, and not the actual files.



A file is a file that will be stored on the blockchain. A file is stored by creating a cryptographic representation of the file and store its fingerprint in the blockchain.


A particular version of the file stored on the blockchain. For example, a document might have new requirements, so we can add a new version of that document in the blockchain. The original version will still be stored in the blockchain.


A folder is a way to group multiple files.

Accuracy Level

The accuracy level is how precise we create the cryptographic representation. The highest the accuracy level, the more chunks we'll create with that file. This means it will also take more time to process the file.
There are five accuracy levels:

  • Lowest
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Excellent

Supported File Types

File Type











any other files will be parsed as a binary

How to use it?

You can use our API to integrate it into your solution. You can start by taking a look at our guide or directly access our API documentation.

You can also use our hosted solution by connecting into it at

Inside our platform, if you have this product enable, Keeper admin is the only role possible for this product and will have access to all sub-sections. Let's take go forth on which is your important files and how you will be able to secure and manage them on the blockchain.