MANTLE KEEPER - The Digital Integrity Authority

Mantle Keeper seamlessly protects your data integrity with a robust and resilient cryptographic record of reference. It is an immutable, timestamped, and leak-proof data stores that feature powerful data comparison functions, excelling when critical decisions require third party data.



Keeper is a fully managed data authority system that provides an immutable data store offering cryptographically verifiable file comparisons. Keeper certifies data authenticity and prevents digital counterfeits, in addition to offering powerful comparison functions that make it possible to spot differences between documents, without exposing the original file.

Many organizations use inefficient, unsecured, and costly ad-hoc systems, usually composed of database, human or automated content-comparison, and email, to certify internal and external data integrity.

Keeper certifies academic & criminal records in the background check industry, ensures commercial contract authenticity in civil litigation, or assures the real-time integrity of automated systems and backups of critical data.


  • Immutable & Total Privacy: Data is hashed, then encrypted, and stored on Blockchains - ensuring irreversibility, confidentiality, and immutability.
  • Cryptographic Comparison Functions: Significantly faster than content-based comparisons, especially with large files.
  • Difference Identification: Differences between files can be pinpointed from their respective SmartHashes, without data exposure.