Manage templates and signatures

Prepare your documents

Before sealing a document, you can prepare it by adding document versions and add the sealing signatures. Similar to Keeper, you can add and manage your document templates and your signatures. Templates will be used to base the final document to a version previously added. Signatures are used to link the user consent to the document.

Let's take a look at how it works directly from the platform.

Sealer Templates

From there, you can create contracts temples with multiple versions and comparison such as a basic Mantle Keeper use.


Sealer Signatures

List of all your signatures and you can add new signatures from here. Signatures are intended to be image file type.

As a Keeper file, signature media is supported and offer the same actions.


Sealer My Contracts

List all the contracts that you asked for signatures.

The comparison is enabled from there for the contract itself and requested signatures.


What’s Next