MANTLE SEALER - The Irrefutable Digital Agreements

Store an immutable, highly secure digital proof of your agreements and eliminate grounds for dispute and litigation.



Sealer eliminates the possibility of digital agreement tampering or forgeries signed with custom and commercial e-signature solutions.

Traditional e-signature solutions store cryptographic links between signatures, documents, and user identities in centralized potentially vulnerable database systems.

Sealer cryptographically binds documents, signatures, and user identities directly on Blockchains, offering unparalleled security. Prior to signing documents, Sealer allows users to validate that no unauthorized or accidental changes were made between negotiation and final signature or approval.


  • Immutable & Total Privacy: Data is hashed, then encrypted, and stored on Blockchains - ensuring irreversibility, confidentiality, and immutability.
  • Aligned with Industry Best-Practices: Permanently binds and dates the parties identities, document, and authorizations.
  • Tampering & Forgery Identification: Differences between files can be pinpointed with ease throughout the signature process. Agreement lineage is easy to establish ensuring authenticity.