Have your own customized exchange network powered with blockchain.

With Mantle Tracker enterprises can store, manage, trade, track, and trace an unlimited number of assets easily and securely within a permanently synchronized collaborative distributed system.

Example of Use cases (where to use tracker)

  • Reward Programs: A system that issue/transfer/redeem points (the asset) to and between users.
  • Supply Chain: A system that monitor the issuance/transfer of material (the asset) across partners.
  • Renewable Energy Market (REC): A system that issue/transfer REC (the asset) across sellers/buyers.
  • Private Currency: A system that issue/transfer a private coin (the asset) between departments/partners of the same ecosystem to reduce the costs of financial settlements.


You can find detailed use cases on Mantle Tracker in our Insights section.

Additional use cases are added on a weekly basis.


Tracker's goal is to provide you with the blockchain capabilities, without you having to manage it from an actual blockchain. The idea is to have your own assets so you can exchange, track and manage the transactions inside your own domain. Every asset you create will be stored on the blockchain, and each transaction's fingerprint will be also stored in the blockchain. This means you can track everything you've created! It is also possible to create a multi-asset, which is an asset composed of multiple assets.


AssetAn asset is a type object you create to manipulate with. By giving it a name, you can apply it in different use cases.Currency (coin), material (chair, table, etc.), fresh product (bag of vegetables, etc.), renewable energy credit (REC), etc.
Multi-AssetAn asset that's composed of multiple assets. The use of multi-assets allow the creation of relationships between assets. The relationship is then immutable in the blockchain when the multi-asset is created.Table set (multi-asset) composed of table (asset 1) + chairs (asset 2). A beer (multi-asset) composed of brew (asset 1) + hop (asset 2). A loan contract (multi-asset) composed of rate (asset 1) + category (asset 2).
TransactionA transaction is any kind of exchange of an amount of assets. In Tracker, there are mainly two types of transactions:
- Issue transactions
- Transfer transactions
Issue transactions: Issuing a quantity of assets to a user.
Transfer transactions: Transfer a quantity of assets from a user to another.
WalletThe wallet contains all the assets that a user have.
BatchesEvery time you issue from an asset or multi-asset, a batch is created. Batches can be tracked in the wallet and transfer transactions can be made from a specific batch.

How to use it?

You can use our API to integrate it into your solution. You can start by taking a look at our guide or directly access our API documentation.

You can also use our hosted solution by connecting into it at https://app.mantleblockchain.com

Inside our platform, if you have this product enable, Tracker admin will have access to all the sub-menus and Tracker users will only have access to their wallets. Let's take go forth on what is your tracking needs and how you will be able to manage them on the blockchain.