MANTLE TRACKER - The Immutable Ledger Database

Create, exchange, and track valuable data. Mantle Tracker empowers global enterprises with transparency and immutability, whilst eliminating desynchronization issues.



Tracker is a fully managed ledger database that provides immutable, transparent, and cryptographically verifiable transaction logs on Blockchains. Tracker guards verifiable history of changes over time on distributed networks.

Tracking data lineage is essential to organizations dealing with valuable data that is required to submit to an audit or vulnerable to fraud. Data lineage is especially important in large organizations dealing with numerous stakeholders, such as insurance providers, collectible dealer, retail bankers, loan originators, insolvency & restructuring participants, and supply chain participants. Tracker eliminates the complex & error-prone development effort required to ensure immutable & auditable data lineage.


  • Immutable: Data cannot be deleted or altered.
  • Transparent: The complete history can be accessed and queried efficiently to understand usage.
  • Serverless & Scalable: No server provisioning required, Mantle orchestrates data storage on Blockchains.
  • Easy to Use: Data manipulations and querying are done with intuitive APIs.